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Lothlonde is a home-brewed fantasy setting where five nations, each with a variety of races, fractions, cultures and beliefs, compete to be the dominant power in the world. The world follows the Core Assumptions of a standard Dungeons and Dragons campaign. It has various Planes of Existence and follows the Dawn War Deities pantheon.

Lothlonde is ruled by five nations each with their own agenda and motives, sometimes these nations work together to thwart a major threat, at other times they oppose each other to stop any one nation getting the upper hand. The five great nations of Lothlonde are as follows;

With regards to the continents in the world, four land masses have mysteriously appeared in recent years. These wild, uncharted lands are currently not dominated by a singular nation and are named the following;

Lothlonde has a rich Timeline where various myths and legends occur although only the most ancient of creatures remember it. Although knowledge of Recent Events is spread far and wide in Lothlonde, meaning most civilisations are up to date on current world affairs. 

Main Page

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