Great Granny Helga

Great Granny Helga was one of the three first hags. Vecna, the evil god of undead, necromancy, and secrets, created these hags from his own essence imparting his twisted knowledge of sorcery. Helga was the most wicked of the three and eventually consumed the flesh of her sisters, granting her immortality. She schemed and plotted against the ancient world until she was imprisoned by agents of Melora. Despite her defeat, Helga had already spawned her corrupted children across the ancient world and thus is the mother of all hags.

Great Granny Helga was much more powerful than her children. She was able to enslave entire towns, one by one. The townspeople were so scared of her wicked magic that they would offer their first born children to her as an offering, asking for protection from her curses and landscape altering spells. She could make an entire towns crops withering and infect their cattle with a state of undeath rending them useless. 

She was eventually imprisoned in a dagger made from a rare material and imbued with powerful magic that would trap her corrupted soul, this was called the Dagger of Pelor. Her trappers were a religious organisation known as the Hammers of Pelor who sought to vanquish her but had not the means to do so, therefore imprisonment was their only option.

In recent years a coven of hags attempted to give her new life and while her rebirth was prevented by adventurers her soul was released and free to wander the material plane. Her whereabouts are now unknown. 

Great Granny Helga

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