These new incredibly expensive creations called 'Airships' have been designed to take people and cargo across oceans and mountains, with a couple being built for exploration and warfare. 

The balloons themselves are filled with a rare elemental substance which can expand and reduce but never diminish. Using a few levers (which expands or reduces the substance) and a steering wheel (connected to a number of rudders) the captain of the ship can perform a wide range of manoeuvres primarily up, down, left and right. These ships are unable to travel backwards and rely on winds to travel forwards, left and right. These ships are also able to float on water but can not manoeuvre in it.

Airships are incredibly expensive to make and require a great deal of time to produce, this is because every balloon must be filled with a rare elemental substance that takes months to create and years to fill an airship's balloon with. Vincent Midgee (gnome) designed each ship at the request of the buyer. The buyer would build the ship itself to his design but only he could create/provide the elemental substance required to make it fly. It has been noted that Midgee took multiple orders at a time from different buyers and only he knows the extent of each ship's design and purpose.

In recent years, a few lesser designs of airships have appeared since Midgee's death. These designs are cheaper to build but less durable, they use propellers and huge balloons filled with gases. It is rumoured that these airships are being built somewhere in Argen and are much more affordable to private buyers. 

While airships are rare and few in number, they are highly coveted due to their ability to easily bypass the five nations travel documentation laws.


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