The Dawn Era – Unknown: The birth of time itself, where the Planes of Existence were forged by the Dawn War Deities and the first beings were born into existence such as Dragons and Demons. The Dawn Era was not recorded in terms of years and therefore an accurate timeline of events is impossible.

The Mythic Era – Unknown: This is where many of Lothlonde's myths, legends and fables come from. It is during this time that the first humanoid races were born and some organisations can even trace their roots to this era, such as the Hammers of Pelor and their battles with the infamous fiend known as Great Granny Helga. The first civilisations were built and the world was forever shaped by the dungeons carved out and artefacts created from powerful primal magic. Much like the Dawn Era, the Mythic Era was not recorded in terms of years and therefore an accurate timeline of events is impossible. 

The Bright Era – 1000 Yrs: This was the first era in which time was recorded by humanoids and where most civilisations known to the modern world began. This was known to be a bright and prosperous era where humanoids colonised and built the first great cities. During this time the world adopted the idea of currency and the first gold coins were forged along with many items and equipment to be purchased. Magic was popular among the civilisations and the various schools of magic were adopted and the ancient magic of the old world was mostly forgotten. 

The Warring Era: 1000 Yrs: During this era, the numerous civilisations began to wage war on each other for minerals, resources and to claim uncharted lands greedily sought after. This was a dark time where powerful magic was developed to kill, poison and outright obliterate enemies. Pacts with demons and evil deities were formed and the world plunged into chaos. It's said that the wars in Lothlonde were so devastating that the world shattered into chunks thus forming the continents of the new world. These rumours also spoke of entire continents disappearing along with entire civilisations associated with them.

The Founding Era – 1000 Yrs: Most civilisations were lost or destroyed during the Warring Era but new civilisations rose from their ashes, such as the Nandorian Empire who went on to name and lay claim to Nandorwin within the first 400 years of the Founding Era. Once Nandorwin was claimed and an infrastructure was formed, it was quickly discovered that three other civilisations had also been hard at work building towns and fortifications on other continents. The Azguardians and the Sylvanian Dominion had each claimed a continent for their own and by the end of the Founding Era, both the Red Vipers and the Obsidian Council had also been formed from the remnants of previous civilisations and the colonising races from the other three nations. Thus the five nations were founded and the birth of the new world began. 

The Civil Era – 1000 Yrs: During this time many towns, organisations, keeps, guilds, myths and legends were established throughout the five continents. Scuffles between the nations took place over resources, ideologies and other conflicts of interest. Towards the end of this era, the five nations began to explore deep subterranean networks called the Underdark, the discovery of this subterranean world shocked scholars everywhere thinking nothing but minerals laid beneath the world's crust. From these ventures into the Underdark new races, creatures, magics resources and more were discovered. Before the closing of the era, both the Sylvanian Dominion and the Azguardians sealed most of the Underdark entrances as evil twisted races such as the Drow and Duergar began to wage war on the surface dwellers. 

The Enlightened Era – 1000 Yrs: An era of exploration and technological discoveries. The Azguardians invented new forms of firearms that could unload multiple shots without having to reload and mechanisms that significantly reduced the reload times of these firearms. Some of these designs have been stolen and modified by other nations but are not widely accepted due to the dangerous nature of the gunpowder and the expense associated with it. Vincent Midgee a Gnomish inventor perfected his new design for a flying ship which he named an airship. These Airships are incredibly expensive and require large highly trained crews of mechanics, navigators and explorers to chart the skies. The biggest discovery of the era was the four uncharted land masses that suddenly appeared overnight, these are rumoured to be the lost continents that disappeared long ago in The Warring Era. Currently, these continents remain uncharted due to the perilous dangers these continents exhibit,  exploring and claiming these lands are of a significant important to all five nations. 


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