Recent Events

984: The Kharma Desert was revealed to the world including the Obsidian Councils slave network within it. The world was shocked and tension rose between the nations.

984: Shai Elwengod, an Elven prince of Valine, reveals himself to the Nandorian Empire claiming the elvish throne of Valine as rightfully his by birth. Valine does not accept his identity and ask that he is apprehended. Tension rises between the two nations.

985: The Obsidian Council refuse to disband their slave network, the Sylvanian Dominion support them. The world tension rises as talks about slave trading is debated with mixed feelings.

985: The first ever airship 'Skywolf' is built in Neminster. An economical boom occurs as most nations quickly muster up the finances to build their own airships.

986: The nations discover uncharted continents with the invention of these airships. Various nations lay claim to these lands, the world tension rises as multiple claims are made.

986: Great Granny Helga is discovered to have been freed from her captivity, the world panics upon her return and witch hunts occur in less civilised places. Various organisations that combat evil are bolstered in number.

986: A huge tribe of Orcs called the Red Horde appear and raid the farms and villages in Horthshire. The Nandorian Empire blame the Red Vipers. The tension rises between the two nations.

986: Shai begins a revolution against the trading of slaves and the Sylvanian Dominion called Avandra's Keepers. The Elves accuse the Nandorians of supporting this revolution. The Nandorians deny any involvement.

986: The five nations agreed to hold a number of summits to discuss current circumstances. The introduction of travel documents are enforced and all citizens have to have documentation prior to travelling to and from the countries. Methods for obtaining these travel documents vary from place to place. During the summits, the five nations also agree to remove all claims on the uncharted lands until charted and claimed through diplomacy. World tension decreases significantly.

987: During a summit meeting, an airship is sabotaged and diplomats from the five nations including the legendary Grand Archmage Timeforge. One survivor was found who quickly confessed that he had committed the crimes. He was trialled and locked away privately somewhere in Nandorwin. The world was shocked at this event but praised the Nandorian Empire for dealing with it quickly. The summits are put on hold.

987: Weeks after Timeforge's death, the next Grand Archmage of Nandorwin is appointed. The world is shocked to hear that his apprentice was not given the position and instead an outsider called Reign was appointed instead.

987: Charting of the four new islands come to a halt when the five nations receive reports of violent attacks on their outposts. Rewards are offered to adventurers and explorers for charting these dangerous lands for the various nations.

988: The summits are resumed between the five nations however rumours of arguments between the diplomats occur. The world tension once again rises as the world plunges into a new year.

Recent Events

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