Dawn War Deities

Presented here is a list of the pantheon worshipped in Lohtlonde, it follows the Dawn War Deities system;






Deity Alignment Domains Symbol
Asmodeus, god of tyranny LE Trickery Three triangles in tight formation
Avandra, goddess of change and luck CG Trickery Three stacked wavy lines
Bahamut, god of justice and nobility LG Life, War Dragon’s head, in profile, facing left
Bane, god of war and conquest LE War Claw with three talons pointing down
Corellon, god of magic and the arts CG Light Eight-pointed star
Erath is, goddess of civilisation and invention LN Knowledge Upper half of a clockwork gear
Gruumsh, god of destruction CE Tempest, War Triangular eye with bony protrusions
loun, goddess of knowledge N Knowledge Crook shaped like a stylised eye
Kord, god of strength and storms CN Tempest Sword with a lightning bolt cross guard
Lolth, goddess of spiders and lies CE Trickery Eight pointed star with a web motif
Melora, goddess of wilderness and the sea N Nature, Tempest Wavelike swirl
Moradin, god of creation LG Knowledge, War Flaming anvil
Pelor, god of the sun and agriculture NG Life, Light Circle with six outwardly radiating points
Raven Queen, goddess of death LN Life, Death Raven’s head, in profile, facing left
Sehanine, goddess of the moon CG Trickery Crescent Moon
Tharizdun, god of madness CE Trickery Jagged counter-clockwise spiral
Tiamat, goddess of wealth, greed, and vengeance LE Trickery, War Five-pointed star with curved points
Torog, god of the Underdark NE Death T attached to a circular shackle
Vecna, god of evil secrets NE Death, Knowledge Partially shattered one-eyed skull
Zehir, god of darkness and poison CE Trickery, Death Snake in the shape of a dagger


Dawn War Deities

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